Видео: ASRock IES (Intellegent Energy Saving) And OC Tuner

ASRock IES (Intelligent Energy Saver)

ASRock Intelligent Energy Saver is a function to improve energy efficiency by disabling extra phases when CPU is at light loading.

ASRock IES (Intellegent Energy Saving)

Energy saving while converting two separate videos from one format to another format. Saving CPU wattage. Approximately a ...

ASRock C.C.O. (Combo Cooler Option)

ASRock C.C.O., stands for Combo Cooler Option, is another exclusive hardware design on ASRock P55 boards. C.C.O. provides ...

Asrock OC Tuner - Tutorial. OverClocking

The Asrock OC Tuner is a utillity that comes with the asrock motherboards. Just that i dodnt know how to work this program when i ...

ASRock InstantBoot Unique Software

撮影日:2010年12月 PCの起動が速くなる「Instant Boot」を実行してみました。 おまけ画像「OC Tuner」「Intelligent Energy Saver」「OC ...

ASRock AXTU Switch on IES

Click on Adv, please. How to switch ON/OFF Intelligent Energy Saving (IES) in ASRock Extreme Tuning Utility ( AXTU )

ASRock S-Series G31M-GS MB Introduction

ASRock S-Series G31M-GS features OC Tuner (Overclocking), Intelligent Energy Saver, Extra ESD Protection.

ASRock Turbo 50

ASRock Turbo 50 Technology System Performance boosts up to 50% increase.


OC DNA, its an exclusive utility developed by ASRocks outstanding RD team, provides a convenient way for user to share the OC ...


Hi & Welcome at my Channel At this Video i show you an ASROCK motherboard and some great Rams from G.SKILL Have fun ...

ASRock P45XE motherboard

ASRock P45 Motherboard specification and features introduction.

(S.Chinese) ASRock Instant Boot - 华擎四秒开机

ASRock Instant Boot - 华擎四秒开机Boot Up in a blink of an eye!

Advance V16 Power Phase Design

With more phases, lower average power loading for each phase is achieved, which results in more stable power for higher ...

P45 Competition I : ASRock vs. Gigabyte

ASRock P45 w/DDR3-1333 vs. GA P45 w/DDR2-1066.

ASRock Z68 Extrem3 Gen3 fast system start OCZ Agility3

Fast System start. Windows7 with Instant boot http://www.benchmark.pl/uzytkownik/kaczor157-58044.html.

I LIKE XFast USB!!! - www.apcc.tk

AsRock I LIKE XFast USB!!! http://www.apcc.tk.

ASRock Instant Boot

Boot Up in a blink of an eye!

ASRock Multi-Speed Fan Control

The Multi-Speed Fan Control makes you easy to adjust the CPU/Chassis fan speed by adjusting the settings in BIOS or ASRock ...

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