Видео: Escape From Tarkov - Adar Awesomeness

Escape From Tarkov - Big Boy Adar

If You enjoyed please be sure to subscribe and hit the bell so you get notified when videos go live. SONG: The Life and Death of a ...

ADAR 2-15 // Weapon Guide for Escape from Tarkov

Inspired by Ahoy's original call of duty weapon guides, here is episode 1 of a weapon guide series for Escape from Tarkov.

Mateii tudoo! - Escape From Tarkov

Espero que gostem do vídeo e que não se esqueça de deixar o like e se inscrever no canal :)

ADAR DOMINATION - Escape From Tarkov Gameplay w/ ADAR + GSSh-01 Headset

Howdy all, just wanted to share one of the best raids I've had yet in EFT. The ADAR is one of my favorite weapons so far and ...

Escape from Tarkov - High Tier ADAR 2-15 Build

Mixer Link: https://mixer.com/IcyMedic Twitter Link: https://twitter.com/IcyMedic In this video I show you one of the top ADAR Builds ...

ADAR - 0.12 Modding Guide - Escape from Tarkov - ADAR-2 modowanie - ENG/PL

High Ergo - 0:22 High Ergo Suppressed - 1:52 MAX RECOIL - as ADAR is an semi automatic rifle, what you looking for is ERGO!

Tarkov Antics and Awesomeness - Escape From Tarkov

A truly infinite universe, Kabin... Other places to find my stuff: Twitter: http://twitter.com/davidangel64 Twitch: ...

Recoil Lowest Recoil ADAR - Modding Guide 0.12 - Escape From Tarkov

Piranha's Twitch Channel ---- https://www.twitch.tv/piranha_ ---- Keys: http://bit.ly/Piranha-Keys-List Tasks: ...

Escape From Tarkov - ADAR - best weapon for low budget? (full)

Made it through customs with some loot, but there is always one more! don´t forget^^

Modding Adar 2-15 | Parts in description

Hey man Subscribe my channel like this video and leave a comment These are parts to adar: PK-06 - (or other sights) LVOA-S ...

Cost Effective Loadout to Fully Modified Adar's - Escape from Tarkov

In this video, I take a cost effective loadout to customs which leads to fully modifying 3 Adar builds with game play highlights.

THE ADAR IS CRAZY! | PART 4 | Escape From Tarkov Live Stream

Getting a grip on the mechanics of this game have been harder than any other I've ever played. All the while, it has been one of ...

Shroud Build Special TX-15 DML RIFLE - Escape From Tarkov || Shroud Escape from Tarkov

Shroud Build Special TX-15 DML RIFLE - Escape From Tarkov || Shroud Escape from Tarkov Credit : https://mixer.com/shroud ...

Escape from Tarkov Stream Highlights #16 | Работает ADAR

Всем здрасти) В этом видео вы увидите 2 схватки. Первая проходила на заправке - 8 ЧВК. Вторая прошла на Мосту...

ADAR 2-15로 랩에서 떡상하기 (Escape From Tarkov ADAR 2-15

생방송은? ( https://www.twitch.tv/heamatl ) 매주 수요일 제외하구 항상 합니다 많은 시청 부탁드려요 :)

ADAR 2-15 Budget Build and Ammo Guide

Parts used/suggested in video: ADAR from Flea market or Rechargeable Battery trade - 12-20k Bulletec ST-6012 Flashhider ...

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