Видео: KUSTOM DE300HD Demonstration

Kustom DE300HD | New Amp Day

This is a demonstration and short review of Kustom's DE300HD hybrid bass head. Visit our Homepage / Besuche unsere ...

Kustom DE300HD- Hybrid Tube Bass Head

Deep End 300HD(DE300HD) amplifiers utilize an exclusive preamp design that combines a 12AX7 tube known for its robust tonal ...

Kustom DE300 HD amp demo

I demo some of the amps sounds through my tbone bd300 bass drum mic into cubase. The first set of sounds that are with and ...

Kustom DE300 HD

Sound test with Gibson Thunderbird bass guitar and Kustom DE300 HD and Kustom John Moyer 8x10" cabinet.

Hysteria by Muse Bass Cover by Patson @ R2R

Patson doing a cover of Hysteria at Room 2 Rock with his new Spector Legend 6 bass through our Kustom Deep End 300 watt ...

Destruction (Rickenbacker 4003 + Kustom DE300 maximum overdrive)

So this is what a Rick sounds like with way too much distorsion... Way too loud. Basically it's just me fooling around, but maybe it ...

NAMM '09 - Kustom Deep End Bass Amps

Kustom Deep End DE 300 Amp.

Kustom DE300 HD

via YouTube Capture.

Kustom DE300 HD - Slappy Bass Preview

We sat down with Matt to record some jams! Deep End 300HD(DE300HD) amplifiers utilize an exclusive preamp design that ...

Kustom DE1200 - Bass Amp Preview

Website: https://www.kustom.com/index.php/ The DE1200HD was designed for the bass player who needs great tone, stunning ...

Kustom DE300 HD: America The Beautiful

Matt gives us a run-through of this classic.

Pentagrama Temuco kustom DE 300HD

prueba de cabezal y gabinete Tubo.

Empi Martinez with Kustom DE300-10 Bass Amp

Watch how bad ass bass player Empi Martinez share his tone techniques and amp settings on hid favorite bass amp The Kustom ...

10 Best Bass Amp Heads 2018

UPDATED RANKING ▻▻ https://wiki.ezvid.com/best-bass-amp-heads Disclaimer: These choices may be out of date. You need to ...

2009 NAMM - Kustom Amplification - Deep End Series

Watch as James Brown and Mark Hunter talk about the new Deep End Bass Amp Series.

The History of Kustom Amps

Some day when all amps have gone back to using tubes, us old timers will be in search of that vintage "transistor" sound.

Kustom k-200 b1 head & kustom 2x15 cab

A short demo of my kustom k-200 b1 bass amp with a kustom 2x15 bass cab. For this rough demo i used my fender classic 50's ...

Kustom de300 review pt.2 (second attempt) with lackluster results...

Here's round 2... still bad audio, but not quite as bad.. I'm in no way trying to demo my skills, so go ahead and make fun... I like that ...

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