Видео: Review of my 1995 Ford Probe GT

Review of my 1995 Ford Probe GT

Review of my new 1995 Ford Probe GT. Jan 2013 update: It WAS a very nice car that was well kept and had all service records, ...

Review of my 1996 Ford Probe GT

Bought: October 1st 2010 for $550...bad disty, body damage, bad timing belt and tensioner Traded: January 31st 2011 for a 1996 ...

1994 Ford Probe GT Review

Road Test Magazine review on the 1994 Ford Probe GT.

MotorWeek | Retro Review: 1992 Ford Probe

The front-wheel-drive Japanese Ford Mustang that would never be.

Old Top Gear Ford Probe.mp4

Old Top Gear Ford Probe.mp4.

Best Ford Probe exhaust sounds. Loud accelerations and revs.

Best Ford Probe exhaust sounds. Loud accelerations and revs. Ford Probe 24v (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QCp2lj9Y0ek) ...

The 1996 Ford Probe SE

This is about my 1996 Ford Probe SE. It was a rainy day so obviously I couldn't go all out. This video was suggested by FPGT24 ...

Best stock 96 Ford Probe GT

I was getting ready to change the rotors and brake pads.

My 1995 Ford Probe Base

Decided to make a quick walkthru video of my recently purchased 1995 Ford Probe. Its the base model with a 2.0L inline 4 motor, ...

A run in my 1995 Ford Probe GT after new mods

When i pulled out and then gassed it, throttle was only half way down....was not WOT.

Review of my 1995 Ford Probe- 2/18/12

Review of my first car 1995 ford probe.

MotorWeek 1993 Ford Probe Performance

MotorWeek 1993 Ford Probe Performance.

Tired Old 97 Ford Probe GT Acceleration 0-60 mph & Top Speed

Beatin on an old dog, 232k. 97 Ford Probe GT. KLZE motor swap in the works. Rev, 0-60, Top Speed. -Closed Course-

1995 Ford Probe GT on a Dyno!

This is my 1995 Probe GT on a dyno before selling it to Anthony. Mods include: Intake, Exhaust, Midpipe, MSD Ignition, KLZE IM ...

Ford Probe GT Movie 2009

Starting 2009 with my Ford Probe.


Behold the worlds cleanest ford probe!

Ford Probe GT Movie 2010

Clarion demo Car 2010.

My take on the 1993 Ford Probe GT

I picked up the 1993 Ford Probe GT in a trade on Craig's List 2014. It was late December, just after Christmas. The prior owner ...

Ford Probe GT Video

Mehr Infos zum Ford Probe GT unter www.heppert-carshooting.com Musik: Light In Your Life - "Geldof", Real Illusion - "Let Me ...

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