Видео: This is why the FTR 223 is AMAZING! - Honda FTR 223 (Review)

Best Starter Bike in Ireland? - Honda FTR 223 (Review)

Out for a ride on the wonderful Honda FTR 223 stating why I feel this is the best starter bike in Ireland! - What do you guys thing?

You MUST buy this bike! 2003 Honda FTR 223 (Review)

This bike is the best bike you can buy for less than €2000 in Ireland period... No more left to say! Its for sale click here!

Again just BUY IT! - Honda FTR 223 (Review)

Again another FTR 223 going cheap as chips! This time in definitely one of the best colours blue and white! Only 16k kms, good ...

Honda FTR 223 exhaust sound and acceleration compilation

Acceleration, dynamics, launch and exhaust sound. The following are the authors of each video, go to their channel to see more ...

Honda FTR223 going to West Mebon Temple through dried up West Baray lake

The final stop was around 13º25'38" N 103º47'50" E.

Honda FTR223 Flat Tracker For Sale At Hastings Motorcycle Centre

Here we have a fantastic example of a Honda FTR223. This flat tracker is in good all round condition and has covered 27242 ...

Honda FTR 223 в городе ( Хонда FTR 223)

Вот как этот мотоцикл едет по пробкам ))

2007 Honda FTR 223 White JDM Review / Overview

Stunning 2007 Honda FTR 223 for sale. If interested hit us up on our Facebook page linked below!

FTR223 & VR150 slope climbing

Get on the slope, or get off the bike.

A SMART way to get into motorcycles! - 2007 Honda FTR 223 (Review)

We have sold so many of these Honda FTR223's and have had literally no issues at all with them, by far the most reliable ...

Honda FTR 223 SuperTrapp Sound

Поставил шайбы между пластин, заодно потестил запись звука на YI Action.

【FTR223 vintage custom】 Ride by Japanese BUSAIKU in Yokohama

監督・主演・編集......かねやんブンブン Twitter▽▽▽ https://twitter.com/kanekane_223 instagram▽▽▽ ...

This bike only costs €1500! Honda FTR223

The cheapest Honda FTR 223 in Ireland..... EVER! How about this for a bike only €1500, aftermarket exhaust, air filter, side panels ...

Honda FTR 223 (Black) 2005 (Retro Bikes Dublin)

Hi, Welcome to Retro Bikes Dublin. Today we have the always popular Honda FTR 223 for sale, this time in stealth black with ...

Suzuki Grasstracker 250. Honda FTR223. Kawasaki Estrella 250 Обзор, наше мнение.

Обзор, наше мнение Suzuki Grasstracker 250. Honda FTR223. Kawasaki Estrella 250 Купить Suzuki Grasstracker 250. Honda ...

Honda FTR 223 2001 Review / Overview

Hi, Check out our Facebook Page below! https://www.facebook.com/retrobikesdu... For more reviews and overviews please check ...

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