Видео: ThorFire TK15S Flashlight Review!

Honest Review: Thorfire TK15S Flashlight

The Thorfire TK15S flashlight had some issues with the on / off switch. Sometimes it would turn on, sometimes not.

ThorFire VG-15S LED Torch/Flashlight - Review

I take a look at the VG15S from ThorFire, this updated model adds a higher output turbo mode and a super low 0.5 lumen firefly.

Thorfire TK15 and TK15S flashlight review.

The Thorfire TK15 and TK15S are great budget lights I would highly recommend . You can find them on Amazon. 20% off code for ...

Thorfire TK15S The Full Zel Review

K15S: http://amzn.to/2vguXEW 30% off coupon code for TK15S: AP364WLK ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Follow ...

Thorfire VG-15S Flashlight Review (6-mode, 1000 Lumens)

LINKS - http://amzn.to/2mfkF3s Thorfire website - http://www.thorfiredirect.com/ Thorfire VG15 - Old Version - UK ...

ThorFire VG15S Flashlight Unboxing & Review!!!

Hey everyone, check out this awesome flashlight from ThorFire. Another excellent light source for your every day carry options.

Wuben L50/Thorfire TK15S: Great Value!

Great 18650 powered lights at a surprisingly low price: test &review Music: Kevin McLeod https://www.youtube.com/watch?v ...

Flash Light Review: Thorfire PF04 & PF01S. Are these good EDC/Tactical/Survival/Led Flashlights?

Thorfire PF04 & PF01S flashlight review. Full disclosure, I was give then lights for free for the purpose of testing. Fairly impressed ...

ThorFire VG10S Flashlight Review!

Here is a very nice budget light from ThorFire with their latest model VG10S. It puts out 1100 lumens, has a solid build quality.

Best EDC Flashlight!? ThorFire VG15S The Review

Subscribe here https://goo.gl/F1Z3hb This is the Thorfire VG15S one of the EDC flashlight i've used thus far Ultra Bright: Utilizing ...

Thorfire TK15S 1050 Lumen Review

Der rote Ranger hat freundlicherweise von der Firma Thorfire die TK15S für 2€ bekommen. Danke an die Firma Thorfire.

Thorfire TK18: A chameleon of versatility in a cookie cutter EDC world

A review of the new Thorfire TK18 and the reasons why I think this multi mode light makes a fantastic single mode light. That isn't ...

ThorFire TK18 Tactical "Ramping" Flashlight. 1200 lumens

Read my review; https://lightsngear.com/thorfire-tk18-tactical-led-flashlight-review/ Buy it from Banggood; https://goo.gl/nBrVww ...

ThorFire VG10s EDC Flashlight Review (Cree XPL2 1550 lumens)

Hey folks this is my review of the ThorFire VG10s it is the updated edition of the VG10. It is using the latest Cree XPL2 for a ...

Thorfire tk15s (best budget option)

Where to buy: Amazon: ThorFire TK15S XPL2 Led Flashlight 1050 lumen Ultra Bright Pocket Light With Bike Blink for Cycling ...

Part 3: Excellent EDC - ThorFire Products - VG15S, TK15, VG10S, Chargers and Batteries

As I continue to review products from ThorFire, they are beginning to impress me with their overall quality and affordable price.

Thorfire VG15S Flashlight Review

Comes with a USB charger and battery. Got it for around $27. Available at: http://amzn.to/2vpvl6Y.

ThorFire TK15 Flashlight Review!

This is a great valued EDC flashlight. Also has a rugged tactical look and feel to it. This light is bright and has more of a 4500k in ...

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