Видео: Tofflemire: "Ah-hah" Tips

How to place tofflemire and matrix band

Dental instructions for placement of tofflemire onto teeth in dental arch.

Tofflemire Matrix

Tofflemire Matrix placement for amalgam dental fillings.

Tofflemire Matrix Band Set Up

The video gives detailed instruction in how to properly set up a Tofflemire Matrix band, it is intended to help dental ...

Dr. Hazem - Tofflemire matrix

The contents are quoted for eductional purposes.

🦷Matrix Band and Tofflemire Assembly PART I (2020)

dentalassistanttobe #tofflemire How to put a tofflemire and matrix band together. please like ! For Dental Assistants and Students ...

Sectional band

Using a sectional band to make the interproximal area of tooth 11.


A step by step description of how to use the Tofflemire system for Class II restorations. Requirements: Tofflemire Matrix Retainer, ...

Greater Curve Placement for Class V

Greater curve band placed from the lingual for restoring a class V cavity.

Class 3 Composite Tips

A viewer asked for a few composite tips. Here are a few tips that were thrown around by the other residents and myself. The white ...

Tofflemire for beginners

Tips for tofflemire for beginners.

Tips & tricks for Silicone Index use.

Making and using a silicone index is a quite easy clinical procedure. Nevertheless, attention to certain details will repeatedly ...


Tofflemire matrix band and different wedging techniques placed on class 2 cavity.

Tofflemire (English version)

How to use the Tofflemire matrix system.

Greater Curve Matrix Band

Tutorial for the use of the Greater Curve matrix band.

Bioclear Matrix | Chapter 1: Modern Class II Preparation For Bioclear Matrix Placement

This YouTube video will teach you about proper Bioclear Matrix placement. You'll also learn about the more conservative modern ...

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