Видео: Warframe Devstream 84 Cringefest Abridged

Warframe - Devstream 83 Abridged [Spoilers]

Riven mods, The War Within, Sortie changes, Bladestorm, Limbo and other stuff.

Warframe Devstream 85 Abridged

Frost Deluxe Skin, Charger pet rework, Hema Costs, Infested Cyst Cure, Bard Frame, Earth Rework, Nullifier Nerfs and Arm ...

Best Of Devstream Abridged 2018 | Warframe

fortuna #2018 Time to relive all these painful moments.

Warframe Devstream Abridged 93: Off Da Railz

New warframe, Harrow tweaks, Digital Extremes Dance-Off and R.O.U.S.

Devstream Abridged 102: Weather on Plains; Tenno shotgun in action

Plains of Eidolon Weather Changes • Plains of Eidolon is having dynamic weather changes implemented, including rain and ...

Best Of Devstream Abridged 2019 | Warframe

devstream https://www.patreon.com/QuiteShallow https://teespring.com/stores/qs-merch.

Warframe - DEVSTREAM 100 ABRIDGED: New Frame, Focus 3.0 & MORE

Focus Revamp • The Focus gains are difficult to balance so that it is reasonable for casual players and also not easily completed ...

Tennocon 2019 Supercut

warframe #tennocon.


What did we all think about what happened on the latest Devstream? DISCUSSION TIME! Buy some sweet DK swag here: ...

Warframe - DevStream 81 Abridged

Bladestorm rework, ash skin, new operation, corpus tonfas, custom missions, dedicated servers, cat face rework and lotus tits.

What makes Warframe truly mature

spoiler: it has nothing to do with the gore.


72 hour Charity Stream - https://www.twitch.tv/warframefanchannels • Limbo has a completely new roll animation that is a 'Void ...

Devstream Abridged 98: Eidolon Reveal & Combat, Focus nerfs, Glass Frame Abilities

Focus Rework • Rework is coming with Plains of Eidolon • All Focus points gained until now will be refunded • The new Focus ...

DevStream 84 Overview | Warframe

__ For all the info on the DevStream - https://warframe.com/news/devstream-84-overview Hope you enjoyed, thanks for watching ...

Warframe - Devstream Abridged 96

Plains of Eidolon • Release date is aimed at early fall -- around early September • There are numerous new techniques developed ...

For Rebecca

With love.

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